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How was the PokemonGO Fest in Berlin?

We tell you what you can see, live and do at the Go Fest face-to-face event playing Pokemon GO. Is it worth it?

This is one of the most important events of the year for PokemonGO players, it is the Go Fest. Since 2020 this event has been held worldwide but now in 2022, in addition, it is held in person in three places in the world. One of these places was Berlin, and taking advantage of our time in the German capital we went to play.

Here we are going to tell you how it went, so you can see what you can expect at a PokemonGO Fest.

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Where was PokemonGO Fest Berlin played?

The PokemonGO Fest was held at the Britzer Garden in Berlin. The days available to play were July 1st, 2nd and 3rd. But you have to keep in mind that when buying the ticket you should choose which day to play, it was not possible to play it all three days.

How much did it cost?

There were two prices, depending on the hours we want to play:

  • 32.13 euros: to play from 9 AM to 6 PM
  • 24.99 euros: to play from 11 AM to 6 PM

The price changes depending on the place where the event takes place. By this I mean that it will not always be the same price at future events or in other countries.

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What’s included in the Go Fest?

In-game bonuses like:

  • Increased chance of spawning Shiny Pokemon
  • Raid passes
  • Event exclusive Pokemon
  • Exclusive investigations that give the mythical pokemon Shaymin sky-form and the Ultra Ente Pheromosa (which looks like a white cockroach XD)

As well as physical things in place like:

  • Places to take curious photos
  • Possibility of meeting content creators
  • Raffles and contests
  • Sale of event t-shirts
  • Eevee and Pikachu real-life encounters

Let’s be honest, the vast majority of us go to the Go Fest to open PokemonGO and catch as much as we can. That is the main activity.

What do the Go Fest bonuses look like in PokemonGO?

Here are some of the in-game bonuses we had during Go Fest:

Shiny Pokemon

Depending on the style of play of each person, this point may be more or less important. For me it was one of the points that I most wanted to take advantage of from Go Fest:

Exclusive Pokemon

In this Go Fest, one of the most exclusive pokemon was Snorlax, honestly it had a purely cosmetic addition since they put a cowboy hat on it. But my collector soul was happy (on top of that I got it in variocolor).

Exclusive research

The researches that appear in PokemonGO are tasks that give items and Pokemon. In this one that appeared to us during the Go Fest we had this little alien talking to us XD

Shaymin sky-form

This was another of the exclusive Pokemon of the Go Fest, it is a mythical pokemon and it came out when doing the exclusive investigation. When capturing it, a very nice animation came out.


Another exclusivity of the event, and in fact it was only at the Berlin event, is the Ultra Ente Pheromosa, when you see it tell me if it doesn’t look like a cockroach XD

How was our experience playing PokemonGO when visiting Go Fest Berlin?


Our entrance was at 9, we went to the door indicated on our ticket. The park was quite large and to distribute people when buying the ticket, an entrance had to be defined. We arrived about 15 minutes before 9 and, surprise, there was already a huge queue. The truth is that I was a little worried since I didn’t want to start the event outside the park (almost all the Go Fest bonuses could only be used inside the park, since this game is based on the position of our GPS).

Entering the Britzer Garten

Luckily, we didn’t lose much time because when they opened the door, the entrance was quite smooth. Lockers could be seen at the entrances, it is good to know that there is a possibility to leave things somewhere. We did not use them on that occasion, since we brought what was necessary in our backpacks.

Walking through the Britzer Garten to play PokemonGO

Walking through the Britzer Garten we found the stands for content creators, depending on who you wanted to see you had to go at a certain time. There were also stands to sell t-shirts, they said they were exclusive to the Berlin Go Fest, but they didn’t say Berlin anywhere. The only thing that changed was that instead of being black, as in the global Go Fest, they were gray.

There was also an area for fights and there they gave a t-shirt as a prize. Of these three points that we saw, we only stopped by the t-shirt stand to buy them. But we didn’t stop at the content creators and fights part. In these events, although it seems that there are many hours, in reality the time is tight and you have to prioritize.

Searching for habitats

There is no way to play or enjoy the event badly, if a player wanted to queue to see their favorite YouTuber or spend time fighting other players, it is totally valid. In our case, as we were going more towards the capture, we had to go through the park looking for the areas, or habitats, where the different Go Fest pokemon could be captured.

Hungry? we brought sandwiches, but with pleasure I saw that there were quite a few food stalls throughout the park.

I have to say that the day we went, probably because it was the first, there was very little signage. We barely had a few arrows, in photos of the two days that followed we saw that they put up more signs.

Team tables, raffles and exchanges

In certain areas, we found colored tables, which refer to the three teams in the game that are yellow, blue and red. In addition, in these areas there were some small roulette wheels, later I discovered what they were for: when the game animators arrived, they turned the roulette wheel and the number that came out, people had to check how many times they had captured that pokemon (each Pokemon has an assigned number). The person who caught the most won a small prize.

As we started playing in 2020, the game started in 2016, after a while we gave up trying to see if we could win something and we went to continue capturing. But, I have to say that that moment was ideal since we were under the tent and just at that moment a downpour fell XD

Another area with tables that we found, we loved it. When I arrived I filled out a list of the pokemon I was looking for and magic, other players came saying they had it and if one had something that interested the other person ready 😀 it was the trading area.

Charge up your batteries

There were several areas to charge the battery, but our favorite was the area in the neighborhood of Niantic (name of the provider of PokemonGO). They had great letters and very comfortable chairs.

Photos and videos

In various parts of the park, we found areas where they took commemorative photos of the Go Fest and also a machine where we could make a video that came out in the form of an avatar from the game. The latter, the truth, I did not understand much and what came out came out.

Eevee and Pikachu

The ones we did go to see were the Eevee and Pikachu motleys, we could take pictures with them and they were the cutest. Of course, you had to check the schedules since the two characters alternated and there was even a queue, but it went quite fast.

General opinion about the Go Fest in Berlin

I have to be honest, having played the global Go Fest where there were a lot of problems and for us it was a resounding failure, I wasn’t expecting much from this event in Berlin. Let’s just say I was prepared for another disappointment and luckily we did have a good time.

One thing that could be reproached, there was an extra payment to be able to make more raids or hatch more eggs and it is good that we did not pay it, since we would not have been able to take advantage of it. There were so few raids available that we couldn’t even finish the passes we already had included in the regular ticket. Later we saw people who had bought the extra pass complain, and they were right.

For us, personally, as travel content creators, combining this hobby with our traveling passion, and profession, is ideal. But that is our personal case.

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