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KLM Business Class Review

Explore the luxuries of a KLM Business Class flight with our detailed review. Discover what makes this World Business Class stand out and decide if it’s right for you!

KLM is one of the leading airlines in Europe, known for its excellent service. As frequent travelers, we have had the opportunity to fly with them numerous times and finally had the pleasure of experiencing their Business Class (called World Business Class). We are excited to share this flight review and experiences with you in this article, so you can decide if it’s right for you.

On one of our return trips from Mexico, we had the opportunity to fly in the Business Class of this sister airline of Air France. Thanks to our frequent flyer miles, we were able to experience it. It was the first time we could take an intercontinental flight (meaning, many, many hours) under these conditions. Our expectations were high. Were they met?

Here we share our opinions about our flight in the World Business Class with KLM.

Flying in KLM Business Class

Note: The airplane we traveled on was a KLM Boeing 747-400.

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Our KLM Business Class review

Let’s mention the extras this airline has regarding the Economy class, which we have already discussed in its corresponding article. Take a look: Flying with KLM in Economy.

The IATA code for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is KL, and it is a member of the SkyTeam alliance.

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I checked in at the airport since it was a flight with Aeroméxico, in Business-Class as well. I was able to select my seats in advance without any issues through the airline’s website.

When it comes to a long flight, it is important to choose the type of seat that suits you best. On the plane we flew on, the Business cabin has both two-seater and individual seats.

When flying in KLM’s World Business Class, it’s always advisable to take the paths marked with SkyPriority.

business class KLM


On all flights, boarding started promptly. When traveling in business class, we had the privilege of being among the first to board.

Although I must say that boarding in Mexico City was a bit chaotic, with the surprise that we had to fill out a form before boarding, and we weren’t informed about it until the moment we tried to board. Very inconvenient. But that has nothing to do with the airline.

boarding KLM Business Class

When boarding, the flight attendants came and offered us a welcome drink with great kindness to wait for the boarding process (I chose the champagne, but there are other non-alcoholic choices as well).

And we toast because the excitement was big!

welcome drink KLM Business Class

Business Class Seats

KLM Long-haul Flight in Business Class

The business class cabin configuration in this KLM flight is difficult to describe, there is ample space for each passenger, but the seat layout changes for each row. Our seats were located in the front of the cabin.

For example, we were in Row 1, which was 1-2. The following row was 2-2, if I recall correctly, and each row after that was different.

seat cabin Business Class KLM

The privacy in the seat is not total, but it is quite acceptable, and in the case of traveling as a couple, the two-seat arrangements are quite convenient.

Inside the cabin, the feeling is pleasant. We didn’t feel cramped or surrounded by people.

seat Business Class KLM

The legroom was enormous, as you can probably imagine, and also I felt there was a lot of storage space.

The seat can recline completely, turning into a bed, so you can sleep without any issues. It reclines up to 180 degrees. How comfortable!

Furthermore, there were electrical and USB connections available, so you can leave your device charging without any problem.

Control seat Business Class KLM

Additionally, we have at our disposal in the seat headphones, a pillow, and a blanket. All of good quality.

There are other aircraft in the KLM fleet, that are more recent, that feature the popular Zodiac Aerospace-made Cirrus Business Class seat, but it was not the case in our flight. If you want to travel in this kind of seat, that has an arrangement of 1-2-1 search for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner planes, but please be careful as there could be an aircraft last-minute change.

seat business class KLM

How was to sleep in the KLM Business Class bed?

The only elements provided to sleep are the blanked and the pillow, if you want to wear sleepers or pajamas, you have to bring them yourself. The other thing you must consider is that you must make your bed yourself (at that point, I did not know other airlines offer help on this).

In my case, the bed-seat was comfortable and connected perfectly with the footwell. But I am 1.63 cm, I feel that someone significantly taller than me would have lacked a bit of space.

At some point, the cabin crew requested all the passengers located on window seats to lower the blinds, so the ambiance was more proper to sleep.

Even if I was having problems with my stomach, I managed to sleep well and enjoy having a bed on an airplane.

plane bed

Medium-haul Business Class Flight (just under two hours)

On shorter flights, the seats are typically arranged in a 2-2 configuration, and the amount of space may vary depending on the aircraft.

On our flight, the entire plane had a 2-2 seating arrangement since it was small, so there wasn’t much to gain in terms of space by traveling in business class.

Amenity Kit

KLM’s business class amenity kit comes in lovely bags designed by Dutch designer Jan Taminiau. The cabin crew provided us with different bags for men and women.

The contents inside are the same (ear plugs, eye mask, lip balm, cream, etc.); only the color of the socks differs. The brand featured for the skincare products currently is Rituals.

Note: Slippers are not provided.

Amenity kit Jan Taminau

Beverages and Food

Intercontinental Flight Business Class meal

The service starts with a snack.

One of the options featured in their menu is the signature drink of the flight called “Flying Dutchman,” which is prepared with Dutch liquor Bols, among other ingredients.

drinks KLM

Afterward, the meal service began. As business class passengers, we were able to enjoy of two appetizers and a main course (with various options for each course).

I have to say that the dishes, glasses, and utensils were beautiful, beautiful. They were designed by Marcel Wanders.

Cutlery bonitos

Furthermore, the food and drinks were delicious.

When they serve us, they cover the table with a tablecloth and bring everything on a tray, but of course, you can see the difference with Economy, as it is very nice and big.

Regarding beverages, they have plenty of options, such as juices, sodas, liquors, and wine.

Meal business class KLM

After the meal, comes a cheese plate and then dessert, followed by tea or coffee.

After the meal service, if you’re still hungry during the flight, there are snacks available for travelers in case hunger strikes between meals. However, that didn’t happen to me because I ate so much in the lounge that I started feeling unwell after eating. It was an excess of food.

coffee KLM

After that, I learned a lesson for traveling in business class: not to eat too much in the lounge so that I can enjoy the food on the plane.

In business class, you won’t go hungry!

Before landing, we are served a hot breakfast (there is also a cold option), with the same pleasant service and lovely tableware.

hot breakfast

Medium-haul flight in Business Class (a flight of just under two hours)

Even on short flights, there is food available, albeit with a more modest but still lovely presentation. The Dutch shoes used to serve salt and pepper stood out; I liked them so much that I brought them with me (they were made of plastic, so there was no issue with taking them).

Salt and pepper

On-board Entertainment

In every seat, we have a screen with an individual entertainment system. They offered a great selection of movies to help pass the long hours of the flight. The screens were huge and could be operated either through touch or with the seat’s control.

The movie selection is the same as what we have in Economy, and it does not disappoint.

Screen Business Class KLM

Bathroom status

At this point, there are no complaints. Throughout the flight, the bathrooms were clean and had necessary items such as soap and paper always available. Additionally, there were extra creams and potions that we don’t have in economy class.

Currently, KLM flights and lounges have Rituals products.

Toilet Business Class KLM

Before landing and disembarking

KLM offers something unique that others don’t, adding a special touch to your Business Class journey: they give away miniature houses from the Netherlands as a gift at the end of the flight. These Delft houses of blue ceramic are filled with Dutch gin. They do this at the end of each flight in Business Class long haul.

There are different models, a total of 103 houses! You can even choose the desired model, especially for collectors who already have several.

In our case, we didn’t have much to choose from since we didn’t have any houses.

Delf Houses

Layover at Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol)

At Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (IATA code: AMS), you can spend your time at various restaurants and shops within the terminal. 

If you have a huge layover, you can even consider taking the train and exploring a bit of Amsterdam.

Relax in the KLM Crown Lounge

We made use of the KLM lounge in the inter-European flights terminal (since we were in transit, waiting to board our flight to Nice), where one can relax before taking the next flight.

Although it loses its peaceful atmosphere when crowded with travelers, given its size, it remains practical.

Regarding food and beverages, there is a variety available. There are areas where travelers can relax, others where they can work and even have a meeting, there are showers and spaces for smokers inside the lounge.

KLM Crown Lounge

Frequently Asked Questions about KLM and its Business Class

Is there a dress code for KLM business class?

According to KLM in social media, “There is no official dress code in the KLM Business Class. So, no need for fancy clothes.”

Does KLM business class provide pajamas?

No, they don’t provide.

General review of Business Class flight with KLM

This airline left me with a good impression, and it takes the prize for being the first airline where we were able to take a transcontinental flight in Business Class. The staff was friendly throughout the flight, which was extremely comfortable.

I hope this review of KLM Business Class will give you an idea of what you can find while traveling with them. Enjoy it to the fullest!

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