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Vietnam Airlines in Business Class Review

We flew with Vietnam Airlines and we tell you our review about the performance and service received in business class.

To make our trip to Vietnam, we have used this airline. Thanks to compensation for a delayed flight the previous year, we were able to take advantage of business class on the way out. It was the first time we used this airline, so we had no point of comparison, in any class. We would only fly the Paris – Hanoi segment, but it would be more than ten hours flying, perfect to get an idea. Here we leave our review of the intercontinental flight in Business Class with Vietnam Airlines.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class

Vietnam Airlines in Business Class review


I cannot fully qualify this point, the flight was code shared with Air France and I did the check-in with them. There was only one point that is better to keep in mind. When you buy Vietnam Airlines segments through Air France, and probably other airlines will be the same, you can’t choose seats.

Luckily, they gave us seats that suited us, but those who know me know that it is something that I dislike to leave to chance. Especially when I make the reservation weeks, or months, in advance.

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Vietnam Airlines Business Class boarding

Where can I stay if I have a long layover at Hanoi airport?

If your layover falls in the late afternoon, evening, or even during the day, and you’re feeling tired, you have the option to take a nap.

There are choices available to suit all budgets, and if you prefer to stay within the terminals without leaving, there are accommodation options for you as well.


Boarding started on time. Since we were traveling on business, we had the right to be among the first to board.

Upon boarding, the stewardesses offer us a welcome drink and a cold towel to wait for the entire boarding process. There are the classic options: champagne, and juice. I was slightly disappointed because when she arrived with me, she had no more champagne and I had a glass of juice. Then Vicente gave me his champagne.

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Welcome champagne Vietnam Airlines
Welcome champagne


The plane was an A350-900 with herringbone seats. It was the first time I would try them, I was quite excited. The only problem that I saw with this type of seat is in the case of wanting to talk, but eventually, it was not as annoying as I thought. On the other hand, the comfort and the feeling of privacy is total.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class seats

The space for the legs is enormous, as you can already imagine. The seat turns into a bed, so you can sleep without any problem. As expected, there were several electrical connections, so the equipment can be left charging without problem.

Another thing that I liked about these seats is that they have several spaces to store things.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class cabin

Welcome kit

The Vietnam Airlines kit for business class comes in a small blue bag and contains: toothpaste, hand cream, lip balm, a hairbrush, stickers asking to be woken up to eat or let you sleep, earplugs and a mask so that the light does not disturb. They also give us slippers.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class amenity kit

Drinks and food

This is a point, in which my review about Vietnam Airlines in Business Class, was not very good.

Arriving at the seat, we consult the menu, happy to start trying Vietnamese food. A while after takeoff, the stewardess approaches us to ask us what our choice of food was. There are two options for starter and main course. The service is quite mediocre, on the bad side. They don’t pay much attention to details, for example: they brought me the main course when I still hadn’t finished the entrée. But it was not the only thing that made me think that their service was not up to the level of other airlines, like, Garuda Indonesia.

Food service, so-so

When the food service began, I asked them for a glass of water, Vicente did the same with the stewardess who was in his line, and they brought it to him. Not me. After asking three times, the girl left me a bottle of water. She gave it to me like “take it and go”. I don’t know how to explain it, I think in economy class I wouldn’t have cared, but in business class those details count a lot. In addition, we already have a point of comparison.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class apetizer

The other event that happened was at breakfast: the girl brought me the breakfast tray but did not put the tablecloth on the table. Realizing it, with very little delicacy, she asked me to grab the tray and have put the tablecloth, there I saw myself struggling.

Again, these are details that count a lot because one expects the service to be irreproachable. But this time there was enough to reproach.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class meal

Returning to the topic of the food. On the subject of drinks, there were many options such as juices, sodas, liquors, wine. Before eating we ordered the “airline drinks” they were good.

The food itself was good, except for the main course. I had ordered some noodles that were drenched in fat. I disliked them, and I am a person who loves noodles. But everything else was tasty, and Vicente’s food was good too.

After the meal there was dessert, the digestives, the miniature bottles were very nice, and then tea or coffee. They brought us several desserts, among which there was ice cream, I asked for a ball, but it was difficult to eat: the ice cream was totally frozen, it looked like a stone.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class dessert

Onboard entertainment

At each seat, we have an individual entertainment screen. In them, we had a good selection of movies to pass the long hours of flight. In addition to the flight maps. At this point, fine.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class IFE

Emergency instructions

All normal, they give the instructions in Vietnamese and English. Well visible to all passengers.

The cabin crew come out wearing the uniform that is the traditional costume of Vietnam: the Ao Dai.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class

State of the bathrooms

At this point, there are no complaints, throughout the flight they were clean and with the necessary items such as soap and paper always available.

At the beginning of the flight, the “extra” business class items were not there, and later they were added: creams, etc.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class toilet

Support through social networks

It was impossible for me to contact them through the networks. When contacting them by email, they told me that they couldn’t do anything with my reservation as I had bought the tickets with Air France. Something frustrating.

Vietnam Airlines Aircraft

Arrival in Hanoi

The flight arrived on time, no problem at this point.

Vietnam Airlines Business Class arrival

Vietnam Airlines Reviews

This airline left me with a divided opinion, the service is very uneven, it all depends on the stewardess that attends you. I think Vicente had a better service than me.

And the girl who served me left a lot to be desired, that’s not acceptable in business class. This time there was no such “Asian hospitality”. Otherwise, the seats were very nice.

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