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Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge in Mexico City, is it worth it?

Is it worth entering the Aeroméxico International Salon Premier Lounge at the Mexico City Airport? Discover the services offered, the costs and the ways of access in this article.

As a frequent traveler who makes long-distance trips between Europe and Mexico, I have visited the Salon Premier International Lounge of the Mexico City Airport several times when traveling with Aeromexico. Is it worth visiting the Salon Premier International? In this article, I will share my experiences and honest opinions about this place. This will help you decide if it is worth visiting on your next trip. Come with me to explore all the things that Salon Premier Lounge at the Terminal 2 has to offer and find out if this VIP experience is really what you are looking for to start your journey on the right foot.

Salon Premier entrance
Entrance to the Salon Premier

What can you expect in an Aeromexico Premier Lounge in Mexico City airport?

The Aeromexico Salon Premier International Lounge at the Mexico City Airport promises to be an oasis of tranquility for frequent travelers.

Here you can enjoy a variety of services, such as snacks and alcoholic beverages, wines and beers, all included in your access to the Lounge. In addition, you can stay connected thanks to its free Wi-Fi service, and be up-to-date with your flights thanks to its flight monitors.

If you prefer to read something, the Lounge also offers a selection of newspapers and magazines in various languages, and televisions, so you can watch your favorite shows. All this means that the experience in the Salon Premier International Lounge helps you to wait for your next flight.

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Salon Premier International Mexico City

The Aeromexico’s Salon Premier International Lounge is located in Terminal 2 of the Mexico City Airport (AICM)

How to enter the Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge in Terminal 2?

To begin with, you need to pass the security, go to the right-hand side and go up to the second floor, you will see the sign for “Salon Premier”. Go to the counter and show your boarding pass.

These are some of the ways to access the Salon Premier Lounge:

  • Pay at the entrance, if there is space.
  • Be a member of the Salon Premier Membership.
  • Be a member of Club Premier Titanium, Platinum or Corporate Platinum Level.
  • Being an Elite Plus member of the SkyTeam® alliance.
  • Have an American Express Aeroméxico Platinum or Gold card.
  • Travel in Premier class with Aeroméxico® or Aeroméxico Connect® or with associated airlines.
  • Travel in first or business class on any airline in the SkyTeam® alliance.
  • Have Lounge Club, Lounge Key or Diners Club memberships.
  • Have a Premier Lounge membership.
Bar Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge Mexico City

In our particular case we have been in two cases, once we traveled on a national Aeroméxico flight in premier class, on another occasion (this is the one that has been repeated the most times) we have crossed the ocean on shared flights with Air France or KLM, when traveling with airlines of the SkyTeam alliance we have been able to make use of the status of “Elite Plus member of the SkyTeam® alliance”.

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As a note, you have to know that the entrance to the Salon Premier Lounges in the case of being an Elite Plus member of the alliance only applies when you make an international flight. Which means, if you made a national connecting flight, you would not be allowed access to the Premier Lounge, it happened to us once and that is how we found out about this rule.

Entrance Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge Mexico City

How much does it cost to enter the Salon Premier lounge?

At the time of writing this article, on the Aeromexico page, they tell us that it is possible to access the Salon Premier Lounge by paying 441 pesos.

Another way to access the Salon Premier Lounge by paying is to have a Salon Premier Membership, which will last for 12 months and cost 6,612 pesos when signing in and 5,510 when renewing it.

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Comida Salon Premier Internacional Ciudad de México

What are the opening hours?

The Salon Premier Lounge in the international area of the Mexico City airport is open from Monday to Sunday from 3 AM to 1 AM, which means that it is only closed for two hours at dawn.

What is the Salon Premier Lounge of Terminal 2 in Mexico City like?

We must start with the fact that the Benito Juárez Airport in Mexico City is generally packed.

This means that practically all the waiting areas are full, the same happens with the restaurants available in Terminal 2, at least in the area where you’ve already entered to wait for your flight.

Something that I have observed in the Salon Premier International in Mexico City (and the same in the Grand Lounge Elite in Terminal 1), is that there are staff who come and serve you drinks or food at your place. You can also go yourself to take things, but this is something I have not seen in other places, such as the Air France lounges at Charles de Gaulle Airport.


Design and atmosphere

The design is low lighting and wood colored walls, which makes it feel cozy. The problem is that it can quickly feel crowded, but of course, you have to start from the base that I mentioned before: this airport is generally crowded.

In the Salon Premier Lounge there are some types of seating areas where you can feel more private, and I have to admit that after a 10-hour flight you don’t really want to be seen.

The other option is an area like this where you can have more lighting, and you can see the TV screens (almost every time I’ve been there something sports related is on).

Chairs Salon Premier

Food and drink

As for drinks, there are many options, there I really have no complaints, although I have to say it: I am not very demanding. Elsewhere, I’ve read some complaints about the Salon Premier that said that the alcohol they served was of low quality.


I admit that in my case, when I arrive in Mexico, the first thing I do is ordering a chabela (although in Mexico City I have to ask for it under another name).

In other cases, we have ordered beer, wine, water or soft drinks, as well as hot drinks such as coffee or tea.

When it comes to food, it’s another story. It cannot be said that you can eat a full meal at the Salon Premier International in Mexico City.

Rather, what you can expect to eat are snacks or small meals, then if you’re hungry you go for seconds, like we do.

Available services

As for services, one of the most useful for travelers is wireless internet. Everywhere in the living room you will find the key to access without problem. Even if you have a SIM card in Mexico it is useful, use it, so you don’t run out of your data plan.

In addition to the TV screens, in the lounge you can read the newspaper and magazines.

Another service that seems to be available in the Salon Premier Lounge is the spa, but the truth is that I have never used it. It is not a free service, you have to pay.

General opinion on the international Aeromexico Salon Premier Lounge in Mexico City airport

I have mixed feelings about this lounge, although it is not the most relaxing place in the world, considering how bustling the Mexico City airport is, it is nice to have a place to sit down to wait for the next flight. At least we know that we can get there and that we will be able to have a drink and eat snacks, almost always, with peace of mind.

If we manage to get seats in calm areas, the stay becomes even more pleasant.

Having the staff that brings us drinks and snacks is a plus that is not seen in lounges at other airports.

In my case, if I find myself on a flight in which I have the right to enter the lounge, I will take advantage of it without hesitation. In case of having to pay to enter, I would do it only in case of a long layover that justifies the price.

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