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Aeromexico reviews – is their service good or bad?

Are you curious about the service of Aeromexico? come to see the review we have prepared after flying many times with this mexican airline

On several of our trips to cross the puddle to Mexico we have used this airline. After having tried it on very varied occasions, both in intercontinental and internal routes, we have decided to bring you this article with the reviews of Aeromexico flights.

Aeromexico reviews
Flying on Quetzalcoatl airplane

Our flight experience with Aeromexico with reviews for each point


A problem that sometimes happens to me, is that when making the reservation in which there are flights with KLM (es), later to make the selection of seats I have to communicate with them through the airline’s website or its social networks.

With boarding passes we arrive at the airport to make baggage drop. No problem at this point.

Beware: even if you just have a connection in Mexico, you’ll have to pick up your bags there to pass them through customs and then return them to the suitcase band. Don’t forget them.

Note for long stopover: If you have a night stopover at the Mexico City airport, there are several hotels around the airport for the night. But if you definitely do not want to leave the airport there is the option of the NH Collection Mexico City Airport T2. We stayed there on an occasion that our connection was from 3 am to 1 pm, and we had a restful sleep.


On intercontinental flights, it starts in a timely manner in all cases. The same does not happen on domestic flights in which several times there were delays for boarding, nothing exaggerated either, half an hour at most. To board they are calling passengers by the group marked on their ticket.


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Some of the sections of these Aeromexico reviews are split into economy long haul, economy domestic and business domestic.

Economy Intercontinental flight

In the intercontinental flights that we have taken lately, the configuration in economy is 3 – 4 – 3, but in the last rows there are some seats of only two. When I make the reservation, if the plane is the Dreamliner that we’ve already flown with in the Paris-Mexico trip, I hurry to reserve these seats of only two. It is much more comfortable.

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The leg room is pretty decent in this plane and if the one in front comes to rest the feeling of invasion of space is less unpleasant.

I liked the windows in the Dreamliner a lot, they don’t have the classic plastic lid to open and close, but they polarize using a button. This avoids the annoying moment when the crew ask passengers to “open the windows” since they can take control of these and open them automatically at the time of landing.

Window that changes color

Another thing that I liked about this plane is that when taking off they use a dim, but very pleasant light, to at the same time obscure the cabin but that is not as annoying as the total darkness of the night takeoffs.

Dim light in the cabin

Economy domestic flight

On domestic flights the seats are 3-3, there is not much to say in this category.

Domestic flight in Business (Premier class)

The airplanes have a true business class on domestic flights, not what some airlines do that is to leave all three seats and disable the middle seat with which the space is the same as in Economy. In summary the seat is huge and most comfortable, has a small table in the middle to put glasses and snacks..

I think it goes without saying that the legroom is huge 🙂



With Aeromexico, on intercontinental flights, there is a mini bag of ammenities. A candy and an eye cover comes.

Ammenities of the Dreamliner

Beverages and food

Economy intercontinental flight

There are two food options. When serving the food they tell you the options and you have to decide at the moment 😀 ow ow ow and I so indecisive that I am. In a matter of taste I don’t complain, it was fine. Well, like any plane food. As for drinks they have enough options such as juices, sodas, spirits, wine.

A curious fact: with Aeromexico, even in Economy, you can have metal cutlery. Can be a silly thing, but I like to take this into consideration when I review an airline.

After the meal, the crew will offer you tea or coffee.

Economy domestic flight

On domestic flights they will offer drinks and snacks such as cookies or peanuts. So better not get on the plane with hunger.

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Domestic flight in Business (Premier class)

In the different Premier class flights we took with Aeromexico, we could see that the degree of food varied depending on the duration of the flight. On Hermosillo-Mexico, Mexico-Merida flights and vice versa we only had snacks (but yes, snacks of better quality than in economy) and drinks.

On the other hand on the flight Mexicali-Mexico that lasts more than three hours there we had a more complete meal.


Onboard Entertainment

Intercontinental flight

In each seat we have an individual entertainment screen. In them we had a good selection of movies to spend the long hours of flight. In addition to the flight maps. An interesting point is that on the screen there was a USB output, very useful for charging the phone 🙂

Domestic flight

On domestic flights there is usually no individual entertainment screen. What they do is open several general screens and provide headphones in case one wants to follow the movie or program being broadcast. But on a flight from Mexico-Merida we found a plane that had individual screens, although they did not provide headphones.

On this flight we were in business but the whole plane had little screens

Safety video

Normal, they give the instructions in Spanish and English. Well visible to all passengers.

Safety instructions

Bathroom conditions

At this point there are no complaints, during the entire flight they were clean and with basic items such as soap and paper always available.


Support through social networks

They usually respond quickly to questions and perform operations on the reservation if they can. In my case I used this medium to make the selection of seats when the website does not allow it.

Stopover at Mexico City airport

In the airport of the City of Mexico you can spend time in the different restaurants and shops of the terminal. For me there is a handicraft shop of which I am already a client, every time I stop there I buy something :D. In addition, as I mentioned before it has a hotel inside terminal 2 for night stopovers.

Keep in mind that even if you only have a connection at this airport and are not going to stay in Mexico anyway you have to go through migration.

Migration line

Premier Lounge of Terminal 2

In some of the trips we have had the opportunity to use this lounge which has different areas: some with more privacy than others. There are power connections, all kinds of drinks (coffees, beer, wine, water, juices, etc.), they have a buffet with various snacks. If you do not feel like going to serve the drink yourself, or do not have it in free service like the cappuccino for example, simply ask one of the waiters that circulate throughout the lounge. Anyway, spending hours here becomes very bearable.

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To enter: simply present your boarding pass, if you travel in business class (premier), you have the status Elite Plus or higher you can enter without problem.

UPDATE: According to what Skyteam tells us it is assumed that having the Elite Plus status you can access all the lounge of the alliance, but with Aeromexico IT’S NOT LIKE THAT. Keep in mind that if you make a purely domestic flight you will not have access to the lounge. We knew it when we wanted to enter. The truth was very unpleasant, but now we know.


We usually arrive on time to our destination, hopefully it will stay this way with this airline.

If you have a day available in Mexico City between two flights, here are some suggestions of places you can visit (not all the same day, you have to choose):

Aeromexico general reviews

This airline generally leaves me with a good taste in the mouth, in the business class of domestic flights I can’t even compare since we haven’t traveled like that on other airlines. But on Economy-class transcontinental flights I would place it above several of the other airlines I have traveled with. But it is something very personal, I have to admit, since for me it is very pleasant to feel that I am in Mexico since I got on the plane, but of course I appreciate that feeling for the fact of living outside my country.

If you would like to add something to thes Aeromexico reviews, don’t hesitate to comment on the section down below.

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