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Turkish Airlines – Economy class review

We have flown with Turkish Airlines in economy class and in this article we tell you our review about them and service we received.

I had already heard very good opinions about Turkish Airlines, but I didn’t had the opportunity to fly with them. When we were finally able to make a trip to Turkey, it came with the opportunity to experience firsthand the reason why they had received so much recognition. Things that put it at the highest level. Needless to say that I had high expectations, were they met? here I tell you our opinions and review after having flown with Turkish Airlines in economy class.

Our Flight Experience with Turkish Airlines


I was able to check-in online, I had no problem. I got my boarding passes on the phone, but they also gave me printed ones at the counter since we had to check our bags anyway. We each had one suitcase.

Seat selection is possible, only at the time check-in opens, before that you have to pay, depending on the seat chosen. But even for normal economy you have to pay. Of course, there are more expensive fares that allow you to choose a seat in advance.


Both the outbound and return flights started on time. You have to take into account that the planes we were flying were not big. For example, the one in the photos in this article is a Boeing 737-900 ER with configuration 3 – 3.

When boarding we passed the line quite quickly, all to get stuck on the bridge that connects the gate to the plane. Well, at least it’s better than having to take the bus from the gate to the plane.

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The flight we did was a Nice – Istanbul, so it was only about 3 hours. The seat was fairly basic, but despite it being a short flight, it had an entertainment screen and decent legroom. Of course, as almost always happens, if the person in front reclines your seat, the screen is almost glued to your face and you cannot use the table.

Leg space


Welcome kit

It doesn’t exactly count as the classic welcome kit that we can find on long flights, such as an intercontinental Air France flight, but when boarding we were given a bag containing a mask and two cleaning wipes. They also provided us with another package with the headsets, something that does not count as a welcome kit since we almost always leave them there, since they are not used for anything else.


Hygiene kit

Drinks and food

Until that moment my opinions in this review Turkish Airlines in economy class were bordering on the regular, but with the food they improved. Although the menu was the most common, that is: pasta or chicken, it was good and for drinks we could order wine. Something that I did not expect. They also brought us a tray with bread, which was hot.

In addition, the cutlery was made of metal, something that I always appreciate in airline meals.

Onboard entertainment

I had heard great things about Turkish Airlines’ entertainment screens, which like Emirates‘, had a wide variety of movies. The truth is that they did not disappoint me in terms of variety, a pity that the flight was short 🙂

Maps are not missing either.

Emergency instructions

All normal, they give instructions in Turkish and English. The video depicts the flight attendants and passengers as Pixar-like animated movie characters, all very well done to attract attention. Other than that, all normal.

State of the bathrooms

No complaints, restrooms were in good condition, clean and stocked with paper. At least when I use them. Of course, on one of the occasions that I used it, the sink was full of water, but what happened there most certainly is that the previous passenger did not empty it.

Support through social networks

They have a twitter account available for travelers to request information there, I consulted them twice. The first time, looking for information and they gave it to me quickly. So far good review about Turkish Airlines, doesn’t matter if economy class or not, support on Twitter. But my next contact with them was due to the incident that I will tell about at the end of this article and that didn’t go so well for me, at least they didn’t solve anything for me.

Arrival at Destination

Arriving at the new airport in Istanbul, we had to arrive at the gate by bus. Oh. Quite so, something I’ve already told in my plane confesions that I greatly dislike, and above all in a new airport, which for its defense is not yet finished, hopefully that’s why.

After reaching the gate and going through the immigration section, we were able to collect our bags and we were already in Istanbul.

The incident that changed our views on Turkish Airlines

Let’s say that until the end of the first flight my opinions about Turkish Airlines were in some points fair, in others good (such as food and entertainment). But on the return flight we had an incident with them that completely changed my perception of this airline.

Our return flight was on a Saturday morning and already on Thursday we received an email to simply tell us that our flight was cancelled. As is, without more. As those days snow was falling, we assumed that it was due to that. We understood the reason, but we wanted to see what alternatives the airline gave us. Something similar had happened to us in the past, when we flew to Hong Kong, Air France canceled our flight, but in the same canceled flight notification email, it told us which flight it had relocated us on and we only had to confirm or reject it. With Turkish it was not like that. But all was not lost, in the message came a link where I could check my options.

What options did I have online with Turkish Airlines?

I went to see my options online and the next available flight was the next day, that is, Sunday, so it meant staying one more day and paying for an unexpected hotel night. But, if I chose that online option, I HAD TO PAY a difference in fare. That is, I was taking the change as if it came from me wanting to change the flight from Saturday to Sunday. There were places available for the two of them, but the change cost, and a lot.

Taking advantage of the fact that this notification reached us, by chance, at the moment of landing precisely at the Istanbul airport, but in that case we had been arriving from Cappadocia, we went to the Turkish Airlines counter thinking that they would surely solve the problem. Up until that time, the airline still had that status of being one of the best in the world.

Here we go to the counter

Turkish Airlines counter

At the airport there is a ticket sales section, that’s where we should go. We took a numbered ticket, but we didn’t have to wait long, we were quickly served. A lad to whom we explained the situation told us

“Oh yes, the flights are cancelled”

we already knew that, we wanted alternatives. In that he starts to see in the system, already knowing that there was availability on Sunday, I expected to hear him propose those flights to us and what is my surprise when he tells us

“there is availability on Monday, but only for one passenger”

At that moment we turned to see each other as if thinking “what is he saying?”, the truth seemed surreal to me. That’s when I started to get annoyed, so politely but firmly, I told him “Look, I already saw in the system that there is availability for both of us on Sunday’s flight, but it won’t let me select them without paying.”

Of course, I wasn’t going to pay the fare difference if the flight change didn’t happen because I felt like it. With what I told him, he kept looking, it lasted quite a while, until he prints us some sheets and tells us that we are both on the flight on Sunday. Magic.

Turkish Airlines literally laughs in my face

And here came the moment when my opinions about Turkish Airlines vanished, leaving only a huge bad impression about them.

When he gave us our new flights, I asked the guy if we had any assistance from the airline, since we had to stay an extra night in the city that was not covered. Something that had already happened to us with British Airlines, when we returned from Mexico we were stranded in London due to bad weather and they took care of the hotel night.

When he said that, his response was to laugh and say no. Nothing. Zero. Well it wasn’t literal as he said it. But he did laugh.

Luckily, we had insurance from American Express that covered us for food and hotel expenses caused by this delay. But the airline’s response was pitiful.

Final review, Turkish Airlines economy class

Surely by now you must be clear that my regular and good opinions about Turkish Airlines went to the trashbin. Only a very bad impression remained. An airline that has no qualms about leaving passengers stranded, to their fate, due to circumstances that are not caused by them.

I will not fly with them again, unless I find a mega offer and they give me the opportunity to try their long distance flights, to see if the service improves. But the very bad impression is already there, this is even worse than the bad experience with Lufthansa. The truth is that I did not expect it and it surprised me badly.

We almost always talk about the good things we see in the airlines and once I’ve even been asked if they paid me to make these articles. NO, no airline pays us and even if they paid us I would continue telling things as they are, as I see them. And it is that if I see them well, well for me they were good, that’s why I thank you for leaving your own opinions, for example in the article about Aeromexico where for us it’s been quite well so far, many tell us their horrible experiences, and this is fine, you have to share everything so that travelers are informed.

And on this occasion, as happened with Iberia, my review includes a huge pothole that makes my opinions go to the ground. Quite so, that’s how it was for me. I hope that for you the experience with Turkish Airlines is luxurious.

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