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Where to stay in Dubai?

Where to stay in Dubai? We are going to see which are the different areas of the city, with the pros and cons of each one for you to choose.

When organizing a trip to Dubai, certainly one of the important points is to know where to stay. The choice of the place will depend on several factors, in addition to the most important that is the budget, one of them being the area where you will be. Let’s see what are the available options with their advantages and disadvantages.

Take this into account when choosing where to stay in Dubai

Dubai is a huge city, the distances can be very long and although it has a metro, urban buses and taxis, the large number of kilometers can be a waste of time.

To give an example: the distance between Deira and the Dubai Marina is about 28 kilometers.

When I learned this, it was clear to me: I could not see all the areas of Dubai in the same trip, and I had to be clear about what I wanted to visit before booking my accommodation.

Here is a list of factors to consider:

  • What is your budget? In some sectors of the city, it will be easier to find cheap accommodation. On the other hand, in others there will only be luxury hotels.
  • What kind of food are you looking for? Depending on the neighborhood, your food options may be more expensive and refined restaurants, or more common food.
  • Looking to party at night? Although Dubai is not the ideal country to drink alcohol, depending on the area you choose, you may have more access to bars and clubs.
  • Would you like to have access to the sea? Dubai is located on the seafront, but it is inaccessible from everywhere, the city is huge.
  • Looking for a historic area? You would like to be close to museums and places with history.

Once you answer these questions, it will be much easier for you to decide.

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Where to stay in Dubai?

Dubai Marina, modern accommodation and nightlife

The Dubai Marina area is located in the west of the city, it is a recently created area so all the facilities, restaurants, lodgings will be quite modern. From here you can take water taxis to go to the Downtown area.

From Dubai Marina, you can take the tram to connect with the Dubai Media City and the red line of the metro.

We were about to stay in this area, in the Dubai Media City to be more precise, the hotel I had my eye on was the Avani Palm View. It had an ocean view and was close to The Palm.

Advantages: recent facilities, closer to the border with Abu Dhabi, close to the sea and nightlife.
Disadvantages: far from the airport and the Downtown area and the historic center.

Jumeirah Beach and JBR, beachside Dubai

Jumeirah is a word that is used a lot in Dubai, this is because it refers to the entire beach area from Bur Dubai to Las Palmas. If you see the map of Dubai, it is a long rectangle, so the long part of the rectangle that faces the sea is called Jumeirah, without distinction.

The term JBR is used for the area called Jumeirah Beach Residence, this is located near the Dubai Marina area. Check the available hotels in Jumeirah Beach.

Advantages: ocean view, easy access to the beach, water sports, perfect for the whole family.
Disadvantages: far from the subway and everything, due to the type of resort lodging. To compensate for this, some hotels offer bus transportation to the nearest metro station.

Downtown Dubai, one of the best areas

If you visit Dubai for the first time, this is one of the best areas to stay. Many rule it out due to the large number of luxury hotels there are, but scratching your head, you can find accommodation in Downtown Dubai at a good price. As an example, here we tell you about the hotel where we stayed in during our stay in Dubai, the Leva Hotel.

Of course, as a recommendation if you want to visit other areas of Dubai, such as Deira and Bur Dubai, the ideal is that you stay in a place that has easy access to the metro.

Advantages: easy access to Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa.
Disadvantages: far from areas like Dubai Marina or Jumeirah. You have to scratch it to find an affordable price.

Bur Dubai, in the historic center

This area will give you access to places like the historic Al Fahidi neighborhood, the Dubai Creek or the Dubai Museum. This is where Dubai started, and for many it can be considered a more authentic experience. Check the available hotels in Bur Dubai.

Advantages: more affordable prices, close to metro stations with which you can quickly get to Downtown Dubai. This area is very close to the airport.
Disadvantages: Much further away from areas like Dubai Marina or Jumeirah. Hotels can be old, which does not always mean neglected, but you have to make sure before staying.

Palm Jumeirah, for discerning pockets

Who has not seen aerial photos of that artificial palm? As you can imagine, any accommodation in this area is far from cheap. Of course, the experience of being there is surely unique. Keep in mind that when staying in this area the hotels will be resort-type, also because of the shape of the palm, it will be difficult to move around; therefore it is recommended to stay here if you plan not to leave the hotel, something that is totally valid for your trip to Dubai. Check the available hotels in Palm Jumeirah.

Advantages: A unique experience of luxurious Dubai. Access to the sea and its sunsets.
Disadvantages: exorbitant price. Away from everything.

Deira, accommodation at reduced prices

This area is located on the other side of Dubai Creek, facing Bur Dubai. Its famous souks such as the gold souk and the spice souk stand out. In this area, you can feel a more authentic and traditional Dubai.

Away from modernity and skyscrapers, but if you come precisely looking for that modernity, you will have it somewhat far away. Check the available hotels in Deira.

Advantages: low prices on lodging and food. Easy access to the metro to get to Downtown Dubai.
Disadvantages: hotels can also be ancient and neglected, you have to look closely. The streets are narrower and there can be a lot of traffic.

Staying in the desert

If you are in a plan to get away from the world, a suitable option may be to stay a few days in the desert of Dubai. But who says Dubai desert, does not mean to abandon the luxuries of Dubai. We got a taste of this when we had breakfast at the Al Maha hotel during our desert safari in Dubai.

Advantages: a totally different experience to what you can see in the city.
Disadvantages: far from everything and very high prices.

And the Burj Al Arab?

A hotel that is part of the icons of Dubai where staying is almost a dream. This is because, unfortunately, it is out of the possibilities of many because its rates are around 2,000 or 3,000 euros per night. Check Burj Al Arab prices here.

But, in case you cannot stay there is still the possibility of admiring the famous sail, here we tell you from which points you can have the view of the Burj Al Arab without spending a fortune. Although you should know that there is also the possibility of entering the building, even without staying, with experiences such as eating in its restaurants or having tea.

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